Gift Shopper Pro

Simplify and organize all your gift shopping, fast!

  • Quickly list people by typing or clicking names from contacts.
  • Add gifts for each person by typing or scanning barcodes.
  • Assign gifts to any occasion of the year
  • View complete shopping list where items can be checked off and sorted.
  • Password protection
  • Store info about people, such as clothing sizes
  • Budget by entering prices
  • Email or text your shopping list or wish list
  • Customize the app to be as feature-rich or simple as you like

Available on Google Play and on the Amazon App Store.

Support issues

Forgotten password

This can be resolved if you email contact[at]

Delete a name from the people list.

Long press (hold your finger down for a second) on the name in the list to see some extra options, including a delete option.