Audio Glow

This music visualizer brings your music to the screen in an explosion of bright colors.

  • Visualizes whatever music or sound is coming from any other app.
  • Dramatically displays artist name and track name for most popular music players.
  • Extensive color and shape options to tweak
  • Save your settings as themes, and use the included Tasker / Locale plugin to load any of your saved themes in response to almost anything you can imagine.
  • Glistening particles keep the screen alive with motion even when music isn’t playing (can be turned off)
  • Shortcut button to link to your favorite music player, as well as built-in play/pause/last/next controls for whichever music player app is running.

The full screen version is free, but there’s also a live wallpaper version available.

Audio Glow can only show meta data from music players that share meta data with other apps, and only if information is available for how to grab that data. The following music players are known to work with Audio Glow.

  • Google Music
  • The built-in HTC and Samsung music players
  • Amazon MP3
  • Rdio
  • Apollo
  • WinAmp
  • MIUI player
  • Real Player
  • PowerAmp (must enable scrobbling via Simple in settings)
  • Subsonic
  • DSub
  • GoneMAD (must enable scrobbling via Simple or ScrobbleDroid in settings)
  • BubbleUPnP (must enable scrobbling via Simple and have Simple Scrobbler installed)
  • Rocket Music Player
  • XiiaLive
  • Any media players that support Simple Scrobbler or ScrobbleDroid.
  • The built-in pre-Ice-Cream-Sandwich SonyEricsson music player. Later Sony phones’ Walkman app does not work.