Google Play issues


Google Play allows users to uninstall an app within 15 minutes for a full refund, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Contact Cypher Cove if you’d like a refund because you won’t be using the app.

Extra charges?

You might notice an extra $1.00 charge on your online credit card statement. This is part of Google’s method of authorizing your card, and the charge will be removed later. More information is available here under the Authorizations section.

Download problems

Here are the most common reasons an app won’t download:

  • Incorrect credit card information. It’s easy to make a typo while typing long numbers on a phone’s screen. You can fix your credit card info by logging into Google Checkout. If you’re not sure what your user name is, it is probably the email address that is set up in the Gmail app on your phone.
  • Androidâ„¢ Market glitch. Try force quitting the Market app in the Android settings, or turning your phone off and back on.
  • “Customer review”. Sometimes something triggers Google’s automatic response to possible fraudulent activity. If this happens, it can delay your download by a few hours. This usually resolves on its own. You can find out if this happened by logging into Google Checkout. There is more information about this issue here.