Cypher Cove Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Cypher Cove, LLC’s applications fall into two categories, those which have advertising, and those which do not. The privacy policy for each is described separately in each of the next two sections.

2. Applications which have advertising

The policy described in this section applies to the Cypher Cove application Sequin Flip Live Wallpaper.

This application uses Google’s AdMob and AdSense services for displaying ads. These Google services collect some information about the user’s device and/or habits. The Google privacy policy may be viewed at this link. Cypher Cove does not otherwise collect any data in this application.

3. Applications which do not have advertising

The policy in this section applies to the following Cypher Cove applications:

  • Animal Time!
  • Audio Glow Live Wallpaper
  • Audio Glow Music Visualizer
  • Digital Embers Live Wallpaper
  • Digital Embers Live Wallpaper Gold
  • Digital Flux Live Wallpaper
  • Digital Flux Live Wallpaper Gold
  • Digital Hive Live Wallpaper
  • Digital Hive Live Wallpaper Gold
  • Double Helix Live Wallpaper
  • Double Helix Live Wallpaper Gold
  • Lifeblood Live Wallpaper
  • Lifeblood Live Wallpaper Gold
  • Live Wallpaper Screen Saver
  • Live Wallpaper Settings Shortcut
  • Neon Microcosm Live Wallpaper
  • Neon Microcosm Live Wallpaper Gold
  • Papercraft Live Wallpaper
  • Quadrants Live Wallpaper
  • Tunnel Blocker

Note that none of the above applications have user permissions for data storage access or Internet access.

None of the above applications collect any user data. With the exception of Audio Glow Live Wallpaper and Audio Glow Music Visualizer, none of the above applications handle any of your data external to the application.

Audio Glow Live Wallpaper and Audio Glow Music Visualizer process audio data in real time and do not store any of it. They also process audio meta data that other apps have shared in real time and do not store any of it. They do not obtain any other data. If Audio Glow is given notification access in the Android settings, it exclusively reads media session notifications for meta data and media play state changes.