CheckIn Privacy Policy

CheckIn interacts with exclusively. Your Facebook data is stored only on this device and used only by this device and by Facebook. The only data stored on this device is your username, your list of friends (names and Facebook IDs), and their thumbnail pictures (which are already publicly available).  When you log out of this app or uninstall it, all of this data is deleted from your device.

CheckIn will request the following permissions when you log in:

  • Access my basic information All apps must have this permission to log you on. CheckIn uses this permission to get your list of friends so you can tag them when checking in.
  • Post to my Wall This permission is required for CheckIn to undo check-ins. CheckIn will never post anything but check-ins to your wall.
  • Access my data any time This permission means that your login will not time out after a couple hours. It does not grant CheckIn access to any data that isn’t covered by the other permissions. CheckIn uses this permission so you won’t have to log in every time you open the app, and to post automatic check-ins (if you turn that feature on).
  • Check-ins This is used to post check-ins to your wall, and to view your friends’ recent check-ins.