Gift Shopper Pro updated

Gift Shopper Pro version 4.0 is out, and as of yesterday, it’s now available on the Amazon App Store as well!

The most noticeable change is that it visually fits the aesthetic of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). But under the surface, there have been many updates to the behavior of the on-screen keyboard, so you can jump from field to field or add gifts and people quicker by pressing the Enter key.

Other improvements:

  • Tablet-optimized layouts
  • Use of the Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich “action bar” for menu.
  • Added a price field for adding gifts on a Person’s page.
  • Moved person details to a side screen that you can swipe over. This reduces screen clutter and makes room for…
  • Two new fields for People details, Likes and Dislikes.
  • Occasion lists are all sorted by date now.
  • You can now set the default starting tab.
  • You can now copy gifts. Either long press the gift in the list and choose the copy option, or when on the gift’s page, press menu to find the copy option.

Available on the Android Market and on the Amazon App Store.

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