2 thoughts on “Digital Flux Updated

  1. Hey I tried to email at CONTACT@CYPHERCOVE.COM
    but the server did not have that registration. Anyway, heres what I wanted to send you, and the website answered a few of my questions..
    You make some of the best live wallpapers Ive seen in the play store. Really enjoying them, I think I purchased mostly all of them, but my favorites are Digital Hive, and Digital Ember . Im wondering what you have planned next for these wallpapers.

    I had a few ideas, the most basic one was if you could set the battery level as the color for plugged and unplugged.

    Also with digital ember, I was wondering if it was possible to get a control for the fade, how long it takes for the touch response to die down, and maybe even a control for the intensity of the touch such as the size of it, and how much the color responds, I noticed the longer you touch an area the brighter your color gets.

    With the addition of daydream mode, I am also wondering for your set daydream wallpaper you made, you have one option. Are you planning on adding more options? Such as widgets, or even a variable dimmer to help further save the screen in daydream.
    I noticed the only wallpaper you have that has a proprietary daydream mode is your digital hive, and unfortunately the features on it do not protect from amoled screen burn. Maybe you might make the tiles randomly flash on and off and offer different controls for those features, or maybe add more movement.
    Are you planning on giving all your wallpapers a proprietary dreammode?

    Thanks for consideration, your time and hardwork developing great visual apps for mobile devices.

  2. Sorry my email was down for a while.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll keep these in mind when I’m doing more updates. I do intend to add daydream mode to some of the older wallpapers. Digital Embers will take longer because it’s really outdated with my current code base.

    And good point about screen burn-in. I’ll modify Digital Hive to have the camera float around a bit when in a daydream.

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