New wallpaper and updates

Looks like I’m out of the habit of updating this news page! A few months back, I put out a big update for Digital Embers. I rewrote almost the entire thing from scratch to optimize some of it and to give the sparks three-dimensional motion and depth-of-field effects. If you haven’t used it in a long time, it’s worth taking a look at the update!

I’ve also updated my settings screens so the color picker and various other settings match Google’s Material Design guidelines, and have some animation to them. I’ll be rolling these out to my other wallpapers as I update them.

I just released my first new live wallpaper in two years (I’ve been working on some other projects). This one simulates reversible sequins, like the ones found on some pillows, clothing, and purses. I was mesmerized when I came across one of these pillows in the store, so I thought it would make a mesmerizing interactive wallpaper!

Sequin Flip Live Wallpaper