Gift Shopper Pro permissions

Here’s an explanation of the permissions used by Gift Shopper Pro. I thought I’d clarify this, since a customer review expressed concerns about the read contacts permission.

The Read Contact Data permission is used to get a list of names for you to copy into the list of gift recipients so you won’t have to type them. The contacts information is not stored or sent anywhere. I’m considering a future update that will remove this permission by sending you to the phone’s Contacts app instead of accessing them directly from within Gift Shopper Pro. The app will appear a little less integrated, but the plus side is that thumbnail images will be seen with the list of names, which could make it easier for you to pick names off the list.

The Internet Access permission is used exclusively to send barcode numbers to Google Search to retrieve product names.

Take Pictures/Video is used for barcode scanning.

Modify/Delete SD Card Data is used if you back up your gift list data to transfer it to another phone.