Audio Glow updated

There’s a new Audio Glow update out that adds a swipe controls feature, as well as a new visualization that’s available as an in-app purchase.  Android Police did a nice quick write-up about it.  Here’s a video:

Audio Glow - Strings

2 thoughts on “Audio Glow updated

  1. Good afternoon,

    I write for report problems with the app on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, doesn’t work out of the audio native app, doesn’t work with poweramp or spotify as such as in Galaxy S5, I understand that the titles of songs doesn’t display in the wallpaper, even doesn’t display any moving.

    I know too that exist other app which help us with this problems, but it’s very annoying for to use and neither works.


  2. Hi, thanks for writing. This is an unfortunate issue with many Samsung devices. Some of their audio enhancements to Android broke Android’s Visualizer interface and cause it not to work correctly. This is partially explained here:

    You might also try the Tunnel Blocker app, which has helped some users.

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