Tunnel Blocker

It’s been a long time since I did a new release! Too many projects at once…

This new one, Tunnel Blocker, provides a work-around for a problem on many Galaxy devices. The problem is that music apps that use the audio-tunneling feature will bypass music visualizer apps like Audio Glow. I found out about the cause of this issue from developer Haruki Hasegawa, and he has an explanation here.

Tunnel Blocker creates a music player in the background that is paused, but attempts to use the audio tunneling feature so other apps won’t. Give it a try if you have a Galaxy device haven’t been able to get Audio Glow to work consistently.

Now you may have noticed a similar issue on your Nexus device. This is a different problem, and I unfortunately don’t have a work-around for it. Haruki Hasegawa speculates it happens to apps that use the low latency feature in Android.